Our experience with this company has been positive in every aspect. Each time we have contacted someone they have resolved our issues with respect and quick resolve. We have had had no problems getting calls back. We will have no problem recommending our family or friends to rent from your company, thank you!


Sarah L. – “i’m so glad i came to myhomesca! after my husband passed two years ago there was so many bills my credit was just horrible. it was so bad i couldn’t get a decent loan and the houses i could afford were ni the wrong neighborhoods. all the apartments were too small and wouldn’t let me bring my labrador retriever. my daughter is a college student and needed her own space and it just wasnt working. i didnt know what to do. i finalyl started searching the internet for help and found these guys. i calleed and  within weeks i foudn a two bedroom house i can afford with a backyard big enough for my dog! the area is great too. its in victorville, adn its so easy for my daughter to commute to school at csusb. its perfect! the agents here are so nice too! when i told them what i needed they listened and sent me a list of rental homes the next day! with my daughters input we went looking and the third house we were shown was perfect. perfet price perfect size perfect area. we’ve lived here for six months already and anytime i have questions beau and corine are always ready to help. when my daughter graduates and moves out i will definately call for help finding a small home for just me and my dog. i know how easy it is now and i wish i hadnt spent so much time looking for rentals on my own! they made it so easy!”

Tom M. – “it was hard finding a good home to rent in california at a reasonable price in a good area. so many people have been looking that they were rented out before i could even call. my coworker told me about this company so i called and wow! it was super easy. they helped me find a new place to live and i have since passed on the good word to a few friends who are looking to. i definitely will use them if i need a new rental home in the future!”

Jennifer R. – “this company is on top of their game. i was worried abuot finding a rental in a good area but they helped me out and were always quick to call me back. if my work ever takes me back to California i will use their services again. well done.”

Chris P. – “Friendly, knowledgable, and fast. Highly recommended!”

Kristin C. – “good luck trying to aford a decent price home in cali! i recomend renting. i do. last time i used these guys an i found a place to live very quikly. best choice out there for renting and still having money for other things like gas!”

Bobby G.  – “Me and my fiance wanted to buy a home but we don’t plan to marry until she is done with her degree. We could not get a loan but wanted a house with space so that we could live together before marrying. These guys were friendly and helped us through the process. Always answered my calls and found a place we can call our own until we can get a loan on a house. but with these prices we may just keep renting! the house is just tooo nice!”

Jess A. – “professional cheap considerate and fast to respond anyone looking to rent should call them”